Sara Castro Sousa

Master Student
ProRegen - i3S

Bilateral Meetings

  • Monday 14:30 - 18:00
DescriptionSpinal cord injury (SCI) affects over 200.000 patients worldwide every year. Despite considerable progress in the medical, surgical, and rehabilitation of SCI patients, there are no effective treatments improving neurologic outcome. Thus, it is essential to identify translatable therapies favouring axon regrowth and spinal cord repair. Our goal is to evaluate the in vivo regenerative potential of constitutively active Profilin-1 (Pfn1) after lesion. Our data demonstrates that in vitro delivery of Pfn1 is a robust enhancer of axon growth with an unprecedented effect in the field. If successful, this therapy could be applicable to other conditions where axon regeneration is needed.
Organization Type University / R&D institution / Accelerator,

Novel Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury

Delivery of a protein that potentially promotes regeneration

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